Facts about Abu Raikhan Beruni

#1. Abu Rayhan Beruni was born in 973 in the city of Kat, Khorezm, and died in 1048 in the city of Ghazna.

#2. Beruni was an encyclopedist and wrote more than 150 works.

#3. Beruni developed the theory of the seas and made a great revolutionary change in the science of geography.

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#4. The thinker was the first in the history of mankind to make a globe of our planet and determine the radius of the Earth.

#5. Abu Rayhan Beruni predicted the existence of land in the Western Hemisphere 5 centuries before Christopher Columbus discovered America.

#6. Beruni was the first to scientifically prove that the Earth constantly moves around its axis and the Sun.

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#7. Beruni is the founder of science trigonometry.

#8. The thinker developed the scientific-theoretical foundations of comparative religion, ethnology and cultural studies.

#9. 600 years before Johannes Kepler, Beruni put forward the theory of the movement of the planets along an elliptical orbit.

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Part of the information was translated from the manuals issued by the Imam Bukhari International Research Center and the Center of Islamic Civilization in Uzbekistan.