Incredible facts about pigeons

1. Pigeons have a built-in "compass" that helps them navigate perfectly in space. They have a well-developed visual memory: they remember the environment and the smells that are in the air. Thanks to this, they always find their way home. Therefore, if something happens to their eyes or olfactory organs, they cease to understand what is happening around.

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2. Pigeons have a phenomenal memory for faces. Even after some time, they remember who offended them or, on the contrary, treated them kindly. This fact is confirmed by multiple studies of specialists.
3. After the Franco-Prussian War, several pigeons were awarded medals for bravery. During the hostilities, birds transmitted important letters much faster than the telegraph.


4. Studies in the 20th century showed that pigeons believe that people feed them for unusual behavior, so before taking food they twist their heads in circles.

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5. These birds can have various beautiful plumage. For example, the crowned dove is considered one of the rarest and most beautiful birds on Earth. Many rare breeds of pigeons live in the wild.

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6. Pigeons are one of the most ancient birds on the planet. The first mention of them dates back to the writings of Mesopotamia. Previously, these creatures were considered great and sacred, they were worshiped as gods.

7. A special arrangement of feathers allows pigeons to communicate with each other during the flight.
8. Birds nod when walking in order to see better. And in general, in a second, a dove can perceive as many as 75 frames, unlike a person who sees only 24.

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9. Doves are dumber than doves. They cannot lay eggs without a male. Therefore, in bird nurseries, a mirror is placed opposite the females so that she thinks that her chosen one is next to her.

10. Before quadcopters were invented, pigeons were used as a tool for taking photographs from great heights.
11. In different countries, pigeons performed different functions. For example, in England they were used to transfer blood tests to hospitals. And in Afghanistan for the transportation of drugs.

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12. In the early 20th century, pigeons were used in an inhumane way at the Olympics. In trap shooting, they were tossed into the air and fired at like targets.


All the information was translated from the source