Facts about Alisher Navai

1. Alisher Navai (1441-1501) was an Uzbek poet, writer, philosopher, and statesman.

2. He was born in the city of Herat (now in Afghanistan) into a merchant family.

3. Navai served as a court poet and minister in two states: Timurid and Shaybanid.

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4. He wrote over 30 books in Uzbek, Persian, and Arabic, including poetry collections, prose, philosophical treatises, and historical works.

5. His most famous works include "Muhakamat" (Seven Stories), "Lisan al-Tayr" (The Language of Birds), "Majalis al-Nafais" (Gatherings of Precious Things), and "Hikoyati Navai" (Navai's Stories).

6. Navai is also considered the father of Uzbek literature and language, as he developed a standardized language based on the Uzbek dialect, which became the basis for modern Uzbek language.

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7. His contribution to Uzbek culture and literature is recognized not only in Uzbekistan but also in other Central Asian countries, as well as in Iran and India.

8. Many institutions, streets, and squares in Uzbekistan and other countries are named after Navai.

9. Navai was also known for his social reforms, including improving education and healthcare, as well as fighting corruption and misuse of state funds.

10. He died in 1501 in Herat, where he was buried. His creativity and legacy continue to inspire a new generation of writers and poets.

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