Facts about salah

1) Namaz is a prayer prescribed by Allah to all sane Muslims

2) The word "prayer" came from Persian, in the original, that is, in Arabic it will be "salat". Both words are translated as - prayer.

3) Namaz will be the first after faith, for which we will be asked on the Day of Judgment.

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4) Salah is performed only for the sake of Allah

5) Namaz is one of the five pillars of Islam

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6) Prayer is the best worship

7) Namaz is also communication with Allah

8) Prayer contains the best duas (supplications) and dhikrs (remembrance of Allah)

9) During prayer, if possible, thoughts should be only with Allah

10) Prayer cleanses from sins like water that cleanses from dirt

11) Prayer brings up patience and humility in a person

12) Prayer removes from sins and abominations

13) Obligatory prayer was prescribed on the night of Miraj (Ascension)

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14) Before the Hijra, fard prayers, which now make up 4 rak'ahs, consisted of two. After the Hijra, Allah ordered to pray Zuhr, Asr and Isha in 4 rak'ahs.

15) Not performing obligatory prayers is a sin, but the denial of prayer as such is unbelief

16) A Muslim must perform these prayers daily:
a) morning prayer - fajr
b) noon prayer - zuhr
c) afternoon prayer - asr
d) evening prayer - maghrib
e) night prayer - isha

17) Also for men, the Friday prayer (Juma prayer) is obligatory.

18) There are also additional prayers, for which you can receive great rewards on the Day of Judgment, but there will be no sin for not performing (duha, tahajjud, etc.)

19) Praying in groups in a mosque is 27 times better than praying alone at home or elsewhere.


All the information given above was translated from this resource