Insteresting facts about Khorezm and Itchan Kala

Khiva is the capital of Khorezm region and Khiva khonate. Khiva Khonate existed from century 16 to 20. During Khiva khonate there were 58 rulers. 


# Khiva was divided into 2 parts - Ichan Kala (inside part of the city), Dishan Kala (outside part of the city). 
# Two-storeyed madrasah (islamic religious school) in Ichan Kala was built in 1854 by Muhammad Aminkhan. This huge madrasah is 2 storey building and it used to have 130 rooms for 260 students. 1 room for 2 students. Those times only boys could study in the madrasah. Nowadays madrasah is being used as a hotel. 

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# Muhammad Aminkhan wanted to build the tallest minaret (tower). Unfortunately, he died during the war in Iran, that's why the minaret is unfinished. He wanted to build it 100 metres high. Because of his death the unfinished minaret is 28 metres now and it is called Kalta Minor (short tower). 

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Kalta Minar

# Ichan Kala is the historic walled inner town of the city of Khiva in Uzbekistan.
# It is one of the best-preserved examples of a traditional Central Asian city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
# The walls of Ichan Kala were built in the 10th century and have been expanded and modified over the centuries.
# The town is home to numerous historic buildings, including mosques, madrasas, mausoleums, and palaces.
# Some of the most famous landmarks in Ichan Kala include the Kalta Minor Minaret, the Juma Mosque, and the Tash Hauli Palace.
# Ichan Kala has been an important center of trade and culture in Central Asia for centuries.

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# The town is surrounded by a 10-meter high clay wall that is over 2 kilometers long and has four gates.
# Ichan Kala was the residence of the Khans of Khiva until the early 20th century when the city became part of the Soviet Union.
# Today, Ichan Kala is a popular tourist destination and a must-visit for anyone interested in history and architecture.
# The town has been featured in several movies and TV shows, showcasing its unique beauty and historical significance.