Facts about Abu Raikhan Beruni
Beruniy dengizlar nazariyasini ishlab chiqib, geografiya fanida katta inqilobiy o'zgarish yasagan. 
Facts about salah
Namaz will be the first after faith, for which we will be asked on the Day of Judgment.
Incredible facts about pigeons
Pigeons have a built-in "compass" that helps them navigate perfectly in space. They have a well-developed visual memory: they remember the environment and the smells that are in the air.
Facts about Turkey that you didn't know
Turkey is an extraordinary country. It has a rich history, incredibly beautiful nature and interesting people. Unfortunately, due to the huge tourist demand, many look at Turkey with skepticism.
Facts about Babur
His real name is Zahir Uddin Muhammad Babur. This name comes from the Persian word "babr" which means tiger.
20 facts about Abu Bakr
Abu Bakr was distinguished by the fact that he accepted Islam without the slightest doubt. If someone thought about whether to accept the prophecy of Muhammad peace be upon him or not, then he accepted the faith immediately without hesitation.